Our Purposes

1. Present you the best service choice for your immediate vital record need (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Judgements of Marriage Dissolution *)

2. Provide Rush Expedited Vital Records services throughout the U.S.

3. Provide low and no cost Rush Expedited Passports for our vital record customers, and lower cost services for others not needing birth, marriage or death certificates.

4. Provide information, guidance, and links for vital record related needs such as: adding paternity to a birth certificate, filing a delayed birth certificate for those who did not have their birth certificate recorded at time of birth, amending birth, marriage and death certificates to correct errors and add names, and obtaining birth certificates for U.S. citizens born overseas.

We also work to develop a consumer buyer network that pools thousands of individuals seeking to purchase identical or similar goods and services.


Rush Expedited Vital Record Retrieval

We currently can provide next day vital record retrieval in some U.S. Jurisdictions. Please call 415-440-9100.


Rush Expedited Passport Processing

We are a registered Passport Courier service and provide Same Day Passport Processing.

To process a same day request, we need to receive a $75 non-refundable reservation deposit the day before processing and the properly completed passport application by 8:30 am they day it is to be processed.

Please call 415-440-9100.

* Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates are collectively referred to as "vital records" as they document the major life events. Judgements of Marriage Dissolution are typically also catagorized as vital records. In some states, records of marriage dissolution are maintained in vital records offices as well as in their courts. is a Service of Probus Research
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