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Service Companies: Please email this address to update, correct and/or supplement information below:

We aim to provide accurate information available in a convenient form to help people make informed choices.

Information is updated, corrected and augmented as we are able. We recommend that you call or email the companies listed below for current information about their services.

Important Questions to Ask:

  • 1) Is the cost advertised the Total Cost (the sum of certificate, service, and mailing/courier fees)?

  • 2) How quickly will i receive my certificate?

  • 3) Are you selling a service to get my certificate, or are you selling an application form for me to send in to get my certificate?

    NOTE: Application forms are available at no direct cost to you from your local government website. Paying directly for an application form is not necessary.

  • 4) Is my personal information provided to order my certificate ever transmitted to another private company in order to process my request?

    Is it sent yet again from the second to a third private company to process?

  • 5) If my personal sensitive information is transferred to another private company to process my order, does that company sell or use my personal sensitive information for any purpose whatsoever other than retrieving the requested certificate? Does that company have a Privacy / Non-Exploitation of Personal Information Guarantee?

  • 6) Is there a Privacy / Non-Exploitation Guarantee that your personal information will NEVER be sold or used by the company for any purpose other than retrieving the requested certificate?

  • 7) What security policies and procedures does the private company(ies) have to protect your provided personal information?

Important Questions to Ask Your Local and State Government:

  • 1) Do you process your vital record requests directly within your own systems, or do you refer me to a private company to send my personal sensitive information to process my order?

  • 2) If you direct me to a private company, what guarantee do you provide you that my personal sensitive information will never be sold or used by the referred private company for any purpose whatsoever other than processing your order?

  • 3) If you have made any agreement with the private company not to ever exploit my personal information for any profit other than to process my vital record order, is the agreement available for me to review? is a Service of Probus Research
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